Protecting talent is something we’ve been doing since the mid 90’s; it’s in our DNA.  We started with talent in the entertainment world, and then, in 2012, we founded 10x Management, the first tech talent agency.

10x’s mission is to both protect high end tech freelancers, while making it easier for the companies to find, and contract with exceptional pre-vetted talent.

During the course of our 25+ years working with talent, we have negotiated hundreds and hundreds of deals of all shapes and sizes.  Since 2012 we’ve focused those efforts on senior engineering talent. At the outset, we work with you to identify all the areas of a compensation package that are important.  Once that exercise is completed, we help craft a negotiation strategy around those priorities. Every negotiation is unique, every person is unique and our approach to guiding you through this process is unique as well.

Senior engineering talent is in short supply, which means it’s a sellers market.  With great care and an eye towards fairness, our goal is to advocate for the best terms possible for you.  We look forward to working with, and advocating for you.


Our Founders

Michael Solomon

Managing Partner

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Rishon Blumberg

Managing Partner

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Success Stories

"I’ve never felt so empowered in a job search. With 10x, I have negotiation experts in my corner helping me make the best and boldest moves."

Ariana S.

UX Specialist

"There’s only one thing I’d do differently next time... keep my mouth shut before involving 10x."

Greg S.

Fullstack Developer

“I won't do another negotiation without 10x again. They helped me get clauses in my contract I didn’t even know I needed.”

Jason R.

DevOps Specialist

"10x provided us comfort throughout negotiating a complex package. This was a challenging deal and would not have been successful without 10x who helped increase our comp substantially. "

George W.

Cyber Security Expert

Get the compensation package you deserve.